Build a Nation; Leave a Legacy

Dr. The Honourable Lovell Francis, MP, Minister of State in the Ministry of Education delivered the feature address at UWI-ROYTEC’s Graduation Ceremony. In congratulating the six hundred and thirty six (636) graduands, the Minister stated, “The theme for this year’s Graduation Exercise, “Build a nation. Leave a legacy,” compels each of you to utilise your individual accomplishment, not just for the advancement of yourself and your family, but for your nation as well. It exhorts you to be innovative and creative individuals capable of contributing positively to the growth and development of Trinidad and Tobago.

The challenge ahead is to become more than just another qualified individual. You are expected to exemplify real citizenry, and to be driven to make a significant difference to your nation. Education is a powerful tool, and yours can best be used in service to your community and country.

Let me also restate your central importance to progress of Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region. Our greatest national resource is not oil and gas; it will forever remain the intelligence and intellect of our citizenry. Use yours wisely and for the greatest good.”


Chairman’s Message-

Professor Brian Copeland, Principal and Pro Vice Chancellor, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine and Chairman of the UWI-ROYTEC Board delivered greetings at the event. “Just as UWI-ROYTEC is built upon collaboration and partnerships among leading institutions from different geographic zones, I hope that you will take that forward as part of your experience that you can share with the world. Share the best of yourself with others and be open to their strengths as you work towards a common goal.”

“Never forget that you are graduates of an institution that, when it was founded, was among the first of its kind in this country. That spirit of innovation and entrepreneurial endeavor continues to permeate the organization and the curriculum. Now it is time for you to carry that spirit out into the world, but I look forward to seeing that spirit unleashed to address our struggling local and regional economies and communities.”

Finally, I encourage you to remember that by virtue of the special relationship that exists between ROYTEC and The University of the West Indies, you are and shall remain distinct members of our wider UWI family. UWI–ROYTEC celebrates your success and looks forward to hearing great things from and about you in the future.”


Executive Director’s Message-

Ms. Wendy Augustus, Executive Director, UWI-ROYTEC began her message by first saluting the graduates as champions of UWI-ROYTEC and our partner institutions- The University of New Brunswick and the Association of Real Estate Agents (AREA). She then went on to note: “Undoubtedly, 2016 has been a tough year. We have had to deal with Austerity measures to manage challenging economic times with far reaching implications for tertiary education. At a personal and institutional level we must accept that the only constant is change. Nothing remains the same and so at the personal and institutional level we must be active at environmental scanning, appreciate risks and opportunities and continue to be relevant. We must be prepared to serve our community and be prepared to experience, survive and also bring about change.

UWI ROYTEC has been cognizant of many of the factors which constitute strategic risks and opportunities locally, regionally and internationally and we have focused on a number of strategic priority areas as follows: Institutional Accreditation, Partnerships, Student Support Mechanisms, Teaching & Learning, Curriculum Expansion, Student Enrolment and Community Engagement.


In closing the Executive Director noted: “the next step requires that you use your talents wisely and address the challenge of how you will build a nation and leave a legacy. At the heart of the nation building thrust is the need for persons of integrity. Persons who are honest, have character, faith and persons who love. I now urge you to make a difference to our beautiful Trinidad & Tobago and Build a Nation; Leave a Legacy.   



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