Effective Time Management Skills (Franklin University)

Cost: $1,895.00 per person


Effective time management skills drive all successful organizations. In this module you will learn key time management skills that you can adopt in your organization to deliver endless results. When you have completed this module you will be able to define the key concepts associated with time management.


This course will enable the participant to:

  1. Identify the main obstacles to effective Time Management in your daily role
  2. Understand the nature of Time Management
  3. Understand a range of tools, techniques and concepts for Time Management
  4. Use these techniques to build an effective Time Management process that will enhance your productivity and lower your stress
  5. Explain the benefits of having an effective Time Management process


Companies, professionals and individuals desirous of improving their own/members of staff Time Management Skills with a view to improving business operations


The training approach is based on the principles of adult learning. The course models a variety of effective training methodologies, including demonstration, practice, discussion, brain-storming, role play, and presentation. The use of these various methodologies in this interactive workshop ensures that all learning styles can participate and be successful in this event.


Seminar Workbook (will be provided)

Course Length

1 day


8 am - 4 pm


  • Course Materials
  • Lunch
  • Morning break
  • Certificate from Franklin University

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