Effective Supervision


UWI-ROYTEC’s Supervisory Skills Workshop is designed to introduce supervisors to the principles and practices of effective supervision. Create awareness of the importance of effective supervision as a vital tool in ensuring peak performance from employees and assist supervisors in identifying and managing the changing dynamics of the workplace. To enable supervisors to develop techniques to communicate, motivate, support and delegate with authority and confidence.

What will be covered


  • Supervision: Some Basic Principles
  • The Role of the Supervisor/Manager
  • Roles and Skills Required for Effective Supervisors/Managers
  • Pitfalls of Supervising / Managing

Emotional Intelligence

  • What is Emotional Intelligence
  • Activity: Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
  • In Search of Emotional Maturity

Change Management

  • Why Change Management is Important
  • How People Respond to Change
  • How Do You Manage Change
  • The Skill Requirement for Managing Change
  • Change and Our Emotions


  • Communication Styles
  • Body Language Signals
  • Modes of Communication
  • Review of Writing Basics
  • Reports


  • Leader Competencies
  • Description of Leader Behaviours
  • Leadership Style Inventory
  • What Managers Must Do to Get the Best From Their Employees
  • Profile of a Leader

Team Building

  • Suggestions for Fostering Team Spirit
  • Teamwork Checklist
  • Barriers to Teamwork

Performance Management

  • What is Performance Management?
  • Employee Performance Management Process: Basics
  • Utilizing a Performance Management Approach in Your Business
  • Discipline and Performance Problems: Quick Tips
  • Activity: Communicating an Assignment

Conflict Management

  • Behaviour Description Questionnaire
  • Conflict Management: Skills-Building Exercise


  • Discipline and its Process
  • Counselling
  • Forms of Discipline
  • Factors to Consider When Deciding on Specific Discipline
  • Rules of Correction
  • Activity: Undermining and Supportive Behaviours

Personal Development

  • Developing Personal Effectiveness: Guidelines
  • Activity: Gauging Your Self-Esteem
  • Action Plan
  • Success is a Journey: The Seven (7) Rules to Success
  • Significant Learnings


The training approach is based on principles of adult learning with a focus on peer review during all the writing steps presented. The course models a variety of effective training methodologies, including demonstration, practice, discussion, brain-storming, buzz groups, case studies, role play, games, and presentation. The use of these various methodologies in this interactive workshop ensures that all learning styles can participate and be successful in this event.

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