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The Interim Executive Committee of the UWI-ROYTEC Alumni Association (URAA) hosted the 1st Annual General Meeting on November 20, 2015. The outcome of the meeting was a significant milestone in forging a new path for the URAA as a full executive committee was appointed by fellow alumni.

Meet the New Executive:

President Ms. Angela Nesbitt
Vice President Mr. Jamir Kanhai
Secretary Ms. Akiela Duncan
Treasurer Ms. Marva Richards
Assistant Secretary/Treasurer Ms. Veron Guy-Parks
Public Relations Officer Ms. Orinela P. Ramcharan
Head Placement Officer (Ag) Ms. Orinela P. Ramcharan
Head Floor Member Ms. Jennifer Richards

The URAA is a Non-Profit Association chartered by UWI-ROYTEC and Graduates of UWI-ROYTEC to facilitate further growth and development of UWI-ROYTEC and its students.

2016 will be an important and meaningful year for the new executive as they strive to build the URAA's membership, develop substantive relationships with other partners and stakeholders thereby make a mark in UWI-ROYTEC's development.

URAA's constitution is expected to be fully ratified by the end of the July 2016 with plans being developed to promote the URAA. Additionally, in collaboration with the UWI-ROYTEC Student Welfare Department, a mentorship program will be implemented in the near future.

The URAA is calling for your assistance, as students and graduates of UWI-ROYTEC, to support the activities and plans of the URAA and to encourage membership and fellowship towards building a successful URAA.

For further information on the URAA or to join the membership listing, please visit the Alumni's Facebook page or contact them via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Check out the YouTube Channel: ROYTEC Alumni Association.



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