Master of Education Degree (M.Ed.)

Prepare for an exciting career as:

  •  School Administrators
  •  Curriculum Advisors
  •  Education Advisors and Specialists
  •  School Teachers
  •  School Supervisors
  •  School Principals and Vice Principals

...and more!


Programme Objectives

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) Degree Programme prepares graduates to assume leadership roles in Education and to develop their professional career while broadening and deepening their teaching expertise. The programme is designed to enhance teaching through an in-depth study of theory and practice in education.

The programme is designed for Educators and School Administrators who wish to pursue a higher degree in Curriculum Studies. Participants will have the opportunity to develop critical competencies in curricula theorizing, planning, implementation, and managing administrative commitments from perspectives that are informed by international and Caribbean experiences. In addition, participants will learn how to respond in innovative ways to the various curricula and pedagogical challenges that present themselves in schools.


Programme Structure

The M.Ed. Degree is a thirty (30) credit programme and is awarded by the University of New Brunswick (UNB), Fredericton, Canada. The programme of study takes approximately three (3) years to complete through a combination of distance learning via the World Wide Web and also a face-to-face component offered at UWI-ROYTEC, Trinidad.

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Courses Covered

Curriculum Studies Stream

  • Curriculum Development - Online
  • Curriculum Theory - Online
  • Current Issues in Curriculum and Instruction - Online
  • Curriculum Project Portfolio (UWI-ROYTEC) - Face-to-Face and Online
  • Behavioural/Emotional Disorders: Introduction - Online
  • Instructional Design Processes - Online
  • Introduction to Research in Education - Online
  • Programme Planning for Educators - Online
  • Legal Issues in School Administration (UWI-ROYTEC) - Face-to-Face

Additional Courses - Education Administration Stream

(Carried over from the programme structure to facilitate students who entered the M.Ed. Curriculum Studies up to 2012 and prior to 2013 ONLY)

  • Cultural Diversity in the School - Online
  • Educational Theory and School Administration - Online
  • Education Leadership and School Administration (UWI-ROYTEC) - Face-to-Face


Educational Administration and Leadership Stream

(From 2013 forward)

  • Introduction to Research - Online
  • Supervision of Instruction I - Online
  • Supervision of Instruction II - Online
  • Planning for Organizational Change in Education - Online
  • Assessment Literacy for School Leaders - Online
  • Educational Leadership and School Admin (UWI-ROYTEC) - Face-to-Face
  • Legal Issues of Education (UWI-ROYTEC) - Face-to-Face
  • Educational Praxis (UWI-ROYTEC) - Face-to-Face

Two (2) electives chosen from the following:

  • Assessment and Learning - Online
  • Curriculum Development - Online
  • Needs Assessment (Instructional Design) - Online
  • Current Issues in Education - Online
  • Cultural Diversity in the School - Online
  • Politics in Educational Administration - Online
  • Leadership in Liberal Democracies - Online


Admission Requirements

Applicants are required to hold a Bachelor Degree with a Grade Point Average of at least 3.0 from a recognized institution.

It is also essential that you have access to a computer with high speed internet connection.


This Programme of Study is Recognised by the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago.


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