Schedule of Professional Enhancement Programmes

Professional Enhancement Programmes


21st - 22nd Dispute Resolution for the Workplace TT$1,650
27th - 28th Decision Making and Reporting using Business Intelligence Tools and Techniques TT$2,250
MARCH 2018
1st - 2nd Selling Professional Services (Franklin University)* TT$2,250
5th & 7th
12th & 14th
Effective Supervision TT$1,650
(South Campus)
Introduction to Teaching TT$1,200
6th & 8th
13th & 15th
Strategy, Leadership & Culture (Franklin University)* TT$2,500
22nd - 23rd Fundamentals of Auditing (Franklin University)* TT$2,250
12th, 14th, 20th, 22nd (5:00-8:00pm); 24th (9:00am-12:00pm) Fundamentals of Anti Money Laundering & Counter Terrorist Financing TT$1,950
APRIL 2018
11th - 12th Corporate Protocol & Etiquette TT$1,895
21st -22nd Human Resources for Non-HR Professionals and Business Owners TT$1,650
27th Administrative Professionals Seminar TBD
MAY 2018
9th - 10th Talent Management TT$1,650
24th Ethics for the Financial Services Sector TT$1,500
30th - 31st Strategic Management & Measurement (Franklin University)* TT$2,250
JUNE 2018
5th, 7th, 12th, 13th Using Social Media for Business Growth TT$1,895
12th - 13th Acing the Interview - Practical Skills for Professionals and Job Seekers TT$1,650
27th - 28th The Excellent Organization (Franklin University)* TT$2,500
JULY 2018
4th HR Seminar - How Recruitment and Selection Impacts Profits TBD

*Franklin University Provided Programme
UWI-ROYTEC is a Franklin University approved education provider



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