Introduction to Real Estate Valuation

Learn about valuating Real Estate with this 14-week certificate programme!


The Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is rapidly growing in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean, and clients will continue to depend more on the advice of real estate sales agents. Clients would also place a considerable amount of trust in agents who act as legitimate consumer representatives. Therefore, from a stakeholder perspective, the real estate industry would be well served by a pool of knowledgeable career professionals who are appropriately qualified to practice.


Course Overview

This course provides a practical introduction to real estate valuation. It will assist real estate sales practitioners, valuation and appraisal technicians, and other industry practitioners such as bankers and insurance personnel, in understanding and applying the basic principles and techniques of real property valuation. Upon completion, the graduate will have a working knowledge about valuation and appraisal theory, the real estate environment and markets and the services customers expect from real estate valuators and appraisers. It covers the major decisions and considerations when performing the function of real estate valuation and explains the economic and financial principles on which the discipline is based. Participants will be exposed to the various step-by-step processes that influence the value of real property and the preparation and interpretation of valuation reports.


Who Should Attend

Persons interested in Real Estate Valuation



14 Weeks



5 O'Levels including Mathematics and English OR

Persons employed with a Real Estate Agency


Course Content

  • The Appraisal Process
  • Appraisal Principles: Purpose and Use
  • Building Inspection and Description
  • Market Conditions: Impact on Value
  • Neighbourhood Analysis
  • Reconciliation & Preparation of Report
  • Real Estate Mathematics & Legal Aspects of Real Estate
  • Site Inspection and Description
  • Time Value of Money
  • The three (3) classical approaches to Valuation
  • Valuation Methodology

This course does not qualify persons as valuators.

Candidates will be required to use HP 12C calculator.


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